Dealing with corners

dealing with corners

While you are learning to drive you have to learn how to adjust your speed when the situations change. Sometimes you can drive at the speed limit when you can see far enough ahead to be able to stop in time. Sometimes when there is less room such as cars parked at the side of the road or the weather is bad you have to slow down.. As to how much your instructor encourages you to reduce the speed so you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear when dealing with corners.

Now I want to talk about how you need reduce your speed to deal with corners. As you approach a corner the amount you can see changes depending on the type of bend you are approaching. I want to give you a couple of ideas as to how you can assess what speed to be travelling at. Once you have decided on how fast you are going to travel around the corner then you can consider what gear to use. This idea of how to plan your approach depends on how much you can see there is a term used called ‘The Vanishing Point’ or ‘Convergence Point’ or ‘Limit Point’ different names but the same idea.

Dealing with Junctions

Lets think about dealing with corners. If you look at the picture you will see the car at point A as you look towards the corner you are approaching. You will see the curb on the other side of the road Point B and finally when looking along the same line Point C where you see the curb on the other side of the road. This vanishing / Limit / Convergence point is where the road disappears from view. As you approach the distances can change depending on how wide or tight the corner is. The less distance you can see then it means the less speed you should use when going around the corner. So you need to use your experience to know how much you are going to need to reduce your speed & how quickly. On a smooth corner you might be able to use engine braking, that is changing down a gear or two bringing to slow the car down to a safer gear when dealing with corners
I would recommend you go out with an experienced driver turning left and right to see and feel how the car performs going around the corner. Try it at different speed but always remember that you cannot see around the corner or past this point of vision. Expect the unexpected think what if there is a lorry just around the corner what would I do, besides panic, how can I be prepared to deal with it? Some of the time you can look for clue as you approach you will be able to see beyond the corner or see large vehicle around the corner that will give you clues as to problems you might have to deal with after the corner.he clutch up each time to reduce the speed of the car. Other times you will need to use the brake to reduce your speed then jump to an appropriate speed for the speed you are going to go round the corner. The idea is to reduce your speed as you go into a corner and then accelerate as you come out of the corner.

Sometimes if the road is going up and down you have even less view of what is coming so you will need to plan ahead better. Possibly reducing your speed and gear to prepare to deal with the unexpected. Try not to fix your eyes on this point your looking assessing deciding then acting to the whole picture not just a small part of it. Try to always consider what could be around the corner when dealing with corners

You Tube link for dealing with corners this is shown from a bikers point of view but the ideas are good for drivers as well

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